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Brian Sesack is an American photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a self-taught artist, he can’t remember the exact day, but still can remember the feeling that came over him when he recognized the desire to photograph in black and white. Up until that time, he was photographing in color and mostly on vacations and at family events. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, but like other events in his life, he just had to "drop the reins" and experience the journey of discovery.

The thematic body of work "Shadows of a City" was his starting point as a fine art photographer. This effort received honorable mention in the 2002 Silver Eye Center for Photography Annual Fellowship. It was also selected to be part of the 2003 Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Competition and was awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He thought he might be ready to give up his day job, when in the fall of 2003; he received a rejection notice from a juried competition with the feedback, "Find your own voice." At the time, he had no idea what that concept meant. He does now.

Brian has learned how to use photography as a vehicle for his creative self-expression and for the transformation from looking to seeing. As a result, he works from the inside out and finds himself moved by concepts that he cannot explain, but that need to be interpreted by documenting textures and tonal qualities. He also attempts to create images that bring the viewer into the subject. Over time, Brian has discovered that not only is it important to produce a beautiful image, it is through the process and the state of being creative that joyfulness comes to him as an artist.
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